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5 Counties for Tobacco-Free Living Coalition

The Burden of Tobacco:

  • Tobacco use causes substantial human suffering
  • It is the most preventable cause of disease and death
  • Tobacco addiction is a chronic disease
  • Disparately impacted populations are exposed to tobacco in more ways 

Why Are Tobacco Control Coalitions so Important?

  • Health equity is the opportunity for everyone to reach their full health potentional 
  • Enhancing lives of community members by reducing the burden of tobacco 
  • Advocating for policy and changing social norms about tobacco
  • Increase resources
  • Increase the impact by collaborating with multiple partners
  • Provides credible and expert information on tobacco related issue

Role of the Coalition:

  • Educate community, local, state, and federal policy makers
  • Promote clean indoor air /tobacco-free policies
  • Reduce youth access to tobacco
  • Involve youth in tobacco control coalition activities

Who We Are:

  • Community members
  • Public and private health organizations
  • Educators
  • Business leaders
  • Mental health, medical, social work, dental professionals
  • Law enforcement
  • Ministry
  • Youth

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Become a member by clicking on the Get Involved tab
  • Attend monthly Coalition meetings
  • Assist with special projects
  • Sign up to receive the Tobacco Control Coalition newsletter/updates
  • Share website