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Currently, not everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. 

  • Despite the military's effort to change its history of tobacco use, 29% of U.S. veterans still use tobacco. 
  • 1 in 3 Wisconsin adults unable to afford health care, smoke cigarettes. 
  • A lack of paying livable wages puts Wisconsinites at a higher risk of smoking cigarettes. 
  • Lack of access to health services has resulted in 70% of U.S. adults starting to smoke while experiencing homelessness. 
  • Adults living with a disability experience discrimination that contributes to their smoking rate being double that of the general public. 
  • The amount of cigarettes sold in Wisconsin in 2018 could wrap around the Earth, 7 times. Cigarettes are the most littered item in the U.S. and disproportionately impacts low income neighborhoods. 
  • 31% of Wisconsin adults with COPD, including non-smokers, are exposed to secondhand smoke at home. 
  • Long distances separating patients from health care contribute to 20% of people in rural Wisconsin smoking vs. 16% of those in urban areas. 

Quitting Resources

Quit Tobacco Kit

The Quit Tobacco Kit was originally created by the Fond du Lac County Asthma Coalition to help people with asthma to quit smoking or to help people quit smoking that live with someone who has asthma.

The Quit Tobacco Kit has been modified to provide resources to any individual who uses any form of tobacco to help them to quit tobacco use.