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Association Between Youth Smoking, Electronic Cigarette Use, and COVID-19

Treating Tobacco Dependence in Youth and Adolescents Dr. Fiore MD, MPH, MBA Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention UW-CITRI

People with smoking-related chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease are at greater risk for getting seriously ill form COVID-19. Smoking increases their risk because fingers come into contact with lips and possbily even contaminated cigarettes.  

Tobacco Addiction is a Social Justice Issue

  • 29% of Veterans use tobacco products
  • 1 in 3 Wisconsin adults unable to afford health care smoke cigarettes
  • A lack of paying livable wages puts Wisconsinites at a higher risk of smoking cigarettes
  • Lack of access to health services has resulted in 70% of U.S. adults starting to smoke while experiencing homelessness
  • Adults living with a disability experience discrimination that contributes to their smoking rate being double that of the general population. 
  • 31% of Wisconsin adults with COPD, including non-smokers, are exposed to secondhand smoke at home. 
  • Long distances separating patients from health care contribute to 20% of peple in rural Wisconsin smoking vs. 16% of those in urban areas. 

Educational Resources for Schools

The Next Sustainability and Policy Meeting is:

November 18, 2020

Wisconsin is Better Smoke-Free

New Youth Cessation Resources

Smoke-Free Moms

Tobacco is Changing Information for Parents, Teachers, and Community Advocates

Federal Government Raises Minimum age of Sale of Tobacco Products from 18 to 21

Enforcement Actions Against Illegally Marketed Tobacco Products

New E-Cigarette Educational Resources

FDA continues to work with Scholastic to develop youth e-cigarette prevention materials for middle and high school students. Today, these resources are now also available in Spanish. All materials are accessible online for free and are adaptable for remote instruction or independent student work.

Health Equity the Tale of Two Cities Click Here

Why Youth Possession and Use Penalties are Ineffective and Inequitable

Inviting Youth to Take Action Against Tobacco

FACT is a youth-led movement that takes action and creates change. Teens expose Big Tobacco’s dirty secrets and deceptive practices by empowering Wisconsin teens to stand up to an industry that is lying to them.